5 dishes that will make you SERIOUSLY hungry

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Looking for the best food in Belfast?

Well, this city sure loves its award-winning food.

It’s a fact – you can even take a foodie tour ‘off the eaten track’ to find your way around some of the best restaurants, street vendors and food markets.

And now, there’s a new kid on the block of best food places in Belfast.

That’s right – we’re bringing our unique blend of Cuban passion, Latin flavours and tropical soul.

Get ready, for you’re about to experience a teeny tiny taste of what we’ve got to offer... So, without further ado, here are 5 dishes from our food menu that we know Belfast is going to absolutely LOVE.


New and improved Revolucion de Cuba tapas!

Where else could we start?

Whatever you like, however you like it, whenever, wherever. Tapas is one of the most versatile (and sociable!) ways to enjoy food, and for that – well, we just can’t get enough.

From our perfectly formed and intensely flavoured Albondigas (that’s meatballs for any non-tapas-speakers out there) to our super cool Cauliflower Frito – fresh florets fried in our very own Mojito batter. We even serve these with a goat’s cheese and honey sauce, then top with homemade smoky salsa – totally YUM.

Fancy an upgrade? Our Primo Tapas are a premium selection for your superior taste buds.

Featuring zesty citrus Lime & Chilli King Prawns, succulent Grilled Lamb Chops, tender Beef Fillet Skewers and delicately Charred Halloumi, these little dishes are BIG on flavour. We promise you’ll be impressed – maybe even your new best tapas bar in Belfast? You bet.

Jerk Chicken Burger

A lot of places do burgers – but not a lot of places do burgers like we do.

Ideal for a feast of huge proportions, our Jerk Chicken Burger is about as Caribbean as it gets. Juicy chicken breast marinated in Jamaican jerk sauce for that all-important spicy kick, sandwiched between a lightly toasted bun to get that perfect texture.

We then top our Jerk Chicken Burger with sweet mango salsa for an sensational flavour combo that’ll leave you speechless. And not just ‘cause your mouth is full!

Burrito Bowl

Best food in Belfast

It’s a fact of life that everybody loves burritos. They’re carby, filling and full of flavoursome goodness. But what if you’re looking for something a little lighter?

Just so you don’t have to compromise on taste, we’ve dropped the wrap and created our brilliant Burrito Bowl.

It’s got all the great burrito ingredients – think zesty rice, black beans, peppers, onions, cheese, sour cream AND guac – plus your choice of de-lish filling. Choose from marinated chicken, shredded pork, slow-cooked beef or mushroom, bean and spinach for those meat-free Mondays.

It’s just as fun as a burrito, and totally, utterly guilt-free!


Best food in Belfast

Have you ever seen anybody cry while eating a taco? Of course not. When most people cry, it’s actually because they just want some tacos.

Now, OUR Tacos are truly top of their game.

We serve three soft flour tacos and stuff ‘em with your choice of filling – pulled paprika chicken, shredded pork or mushroom, bean and spinach – then finish with sweetcorn salsa, crispy red cabbage and chillies. It’s all about the texture with tacos, and believe us when we say – you won’t be disappointed.

Fun fact: the ancient civilisations of South America, such as the Mayans and the Aztecs, believed corn and maize (that’s your taco shell right there) to be sacred. And we think those guys were on to something.

Paella de Cuba

There’s something magical about a classic paella, right? The combination of summer and seafood, chicken and chorizo, and a mountain of aromatic rice piled high on your plate...

Oh boy, do the Spanish seriously know their stuff when it comes to great food. And now, after years spent perfecting our authentic paella recipe, we can proudly say the same.

Cuban cuisine draws much of its inspiration from Spain, so our Paella de Cuba was always gonna be one of the shining stars from our Large Plates selection. If you’re a bit of a paella connoisseur, this one’s definitely one to watch – or taste, to be exact!


We’re going to have to stop there, or else we’ll go on for days about the wonders of our delicious Cantina menu.

The best thing you can do to find out more is to pay us a visit to our brand new bar in Belfast and explore it for yourself.

It’s packed to the brim with fresh, exotic flavours, and we just know you’re going to absolutely love it. Belfast – get ready for some of the best food you’ve ever tasted.