10 things to look forward to in 2017

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Okay, so 2016 wasn’t exactly what you’d call a vintage year.

But we think 2017 is going to be a million times better and, naturally, a truly special one. Why? Well, because of all the fantastic things we’ve got to look forward to! Here are just a few…

1. Sequels, remakes and a whole lotta’ live action

For film buffs, 2017 is going to be a phenomenal year. With sequels from the likes of Alien, King Kong, Thor, Transformers, Trainspotting and even the adorable animation Despicable Me, the stakes are sure to be sky-high. Space-high even, especially when Star Wars returns with Episode VIII. Even Baywatch is getting a remake, alongside the new and improved, live-action versions of Disney classics The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. Best of all? Pirates of the Caribbean is BACK baby! Need we go on? Bring on the rum!

2. An epic solar eclipse

Don’t be fooled by 2015’s paltry effort. 2017’s solar eclipse is set to be worlds apart, with cosmologists describing the difference between the two as “a quick peck on the cheek and a long night of passion.” Sounds a little naughty for your average astronomer, but nevertheless we’ll be watching. Pass the popcorn please!

3. The new tenner, plus the 12-sided £ coin

We’ve all had lots of fun playing with, and scrupulously inspecting, our new polymer £5 banknotes. So what’s next? Summer 2017 will see the arrival of the fancy new £10 note but before that, the Royal Mint will circulate 1.5 billion newly designed £1 coins. That sure is a lotta nuggets… And probably lots of parking meters that’ll now need unnecessarily expensive upgrades. These coins better look cool!

4. Fewer car crashes?

While parking might get more pricey, the actual driving part may be about to improve. Wireless safety systems work by making cars “talk” to one another, therefore helping avoid collisions. While the automotive industry has been working on this tech for years, 2017 will see testing taken up a gear, thanks to auto giants General Motors. With the power to make driving safer and insurance cheaper, it’s a win-win for motorists everywhere.

5. The magic that is 5G connectivity

First, we had 3G (and the annoyingly sluggish ‘E’ internet, what even was that?!) then came along the better, faster 4G. 2017 will see the arrival of the blazing-fast wireless service 5G, a.k.a fifth-generation wireless technology. Which ultimately means quicker download speeds for all! Hoorah!

6. More accurate weather predictions

Unfortunately, we can’t promise better weather. Just better forecasts. The USA is sending up a new weather satellite, which will scan the Earth faster and snap sharper storm images. This, combined with a supercomputer upgrade last January will help us all make more accurate forecasts, thanks to our friends across the pond. Planning a summer wedding, or even just a bloomin’ BBQ? It just might be possible in 2017!

7. Milk made without cows

Mama said what now? Yes, you heard us correctly. A Californian tech startup claims that making milk without the cow is a lot like crafting beer: it involves fermentation and yeast and probably more than a little imagination. It’s said to be better for the environment since the technique involves using less land, water and energy. Veganuary anyone? Um, maybe next year.

8. VR is finally gonna get good

2017 is set to be the year that VR finally really gets going. Google’s Daydream View will probably make big strides, as it’s compatible with most Android phones. Will it fulfill all those promises that were made to use back in the 90s? We’ll see. Even if the VR of the future is still bitterly disappointing, at least we can use our headsets to hide if things get all 2016 on us again.

9. Lifetime presents... A Britney Spears MOVIE!

The Princess of Pop is finally be given her long-awaited biopic. Although the actors themselves aren’t exactly doppelgängers to their famous counterparts, the film is still highly-anticipated by fans. And yes, we’ll be revisiting all the highs and lows, right from those early Mickey Mouse Club years, to the umbrella-wielding, shaven-headed, barefoot-in-the-bathroom nightmare that was 2007. We can’t wait!

10. The return of GoT

If you’re not exactly thinking ‘Gimme More’ at the thought of a Britney film, what about the return of Game of Thrones? Not only will the illustrious TV series make a comeback bigger than Jon Snow himself, the latest book is due to be released in March too. George R. R. Martin, author of the A Song of Ice and Fire is set to keep readers on the edge of their seats with not one but TWO epic battle scenes right from the very beginning.


Believe us when we say that this one’s going to be an incredible year, for all the right reasons. Not quite convinced? Well, how’s about a cheeky lil’ January offer... Think of it as the cherry on top of a delightfully tasty 2017-shaped cake.

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